The Power of One

It was 2.30 pm in Delhi, near Rashtrapati Bhavan. 

Modi was being sworn-in as the Prime Minister for the second time. Scores of loyalists and BJP workers were invited to this grand return to power. For the faithful, it was as if Modi never skipped a step and was duly appointed by the people once again.

There were families in the crowds of the faithful. From West Bengal, a farm laborer, Sadha Midha had arrived in Delhi for the first time. Smoking a bidi near the gates, he waits for a glimpse of Modi. For him meeting Modi isn’t the final fruition of his unwavering support and hard work for the BJP but to express his demand for justice for the death of his brother, Haradhan Midha.

Campaigning and supporting the BJP turned out to be fatal for 32 BJP workers in West Bengal. They were caught up in conflicts with the workers from the Trinamool Congress and lost their lives. Pranti is not alone. All the families of the recently killed demand swift and sure justice. They demand justice from one man. The singular representative of the law, order, and justice for them. 

Seemingly the only person they can turn to now. Mr. Narendra Modi.

In the spacious head office of the BJP, Jharna Pranti sits on the floor accompanied by her son. Her husband Joydeb was killed in conflicts with local TMC workers. In their family, he was the sole breadwinner. Pranti declares,

“I want Narendra Modi to ensure that my husband’s killers are hanged.” 

Narendra Modi has had a dream run. Ever since bursting onto the scene in 2014, he materialized into the national consciousness. For people all over of the country, highly let down due to the fall of Anna Hazare and AAP, Modi became a beacon of hope and progress. The common citizens hoped that he would lift them from the abject drudgery they had struggled under. Symbolizing this power of hope, Modi rode the wave to victory. However, since winning Modi has become a part of an unexpected phenomenon.

People look up to him for advice and strength. His humble beginnings are now adapted into biopics. Politicians contest under his name and reputation. News stations cover the scope of his achievements non-stop. Nationwide policies and programs are launched under his directions. An entire country is changed overnight after a news announcement. Modi transformed from a beacon of hope to a symbol of resolute power. A power that can be trusted and power that always helps the ones who have no voice.

I wonder what is like to be in the shoes of a man with such power. The hopes, dreams, and aspirations of a billion people rest on your shoulders. They have entrusted their futures to you. Is this power that is corrupting or humbling? It depends on the person. It depends on what kind of a man Modi is.

A man with so much power is always the center of controversy, conflict, and faith. There will always be people who cannot entrust so much power in the hands of one person, whoever it might be. Likewise, there will always be the people who entrust power in the hands of a man who symbolizes hope, progress and justice.

Perspective is a flawed thing. It sees things from one angle and omits out a significant chunk that we should be paying attention to. However, when looking at a man with power, perspective is necessary. Those families from West Bengal shared one perspective.

What is your perspective on power and justice?

Excerpts from- Kin of Bengal BJP workers wait for jobs, justice, and a glimpse of Modi published in THE INDIAN EXPRESS, Written by Amitava Chakraborty|New Delhi | May 31, 2019,

Photo courtesy- Express photo by Renuka Puri

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